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Baseball Divisions

Queen Anne Little League offers spring (February - May) and summer (June - July) baseball to the Queen Anne Community.  Baseball is co-ed and has a series of divisions that are based on both age and experience and we are sure to have a great fit for your child. 

Calculating Your Player’s League Age 

The options for each player is based on their "League Age" as Little League’s age cutoff date is August 31 of 
each year.  In other words, for the 2024 season, you should ask yourself how old will your child be on August 31 of 2024. For example, let's say there are 4 players born in 2012 intending to play in the 2022 season, the following table shows their birthdates and League Age:



League Age

Eligible for

Player 1

January 1, 2013


AAA or Majors

Player 2

August 31, 2014


AAA or Majors

Player 3

September 1, 2014



Player 4

December 31, 2015


A or AA

You may also use this League Age Calculator.

Note:  The divisions overlap in age eligibility, so your player may be eligible for two divisions.  Please see below (at the bottom of the page) for more details.


A Ball – Mainly League Age 7 with a limited number of League Age 6 players:  Players begin to develop the skills of hitting and fielding while being introduced to basic rules of the game.  Machine pitch challenges the players to hit a pitched ball. Players who are a league age 6 must have one year of T-ball.   There will be two practices a week during the pre-season and one practice during the week and one game on a Saturday during the season. 

Players are placed on teams
by the league and we do our best to accommodate friend requests as long as they do not lead to one-school teams. Some league age 8 players who are first graders may opt to play A Ball as most of their classmates will likely be in this division.

AA Ball – League Age 8 and 9: This league builds on the fundamentals of hitting, fielding, and introduces the players to pitching. Players will hit off a machine for the first 3 innings of the game and then it will be player pitch for the last 3 innings. After the mid-point of the season, it will be 2 innings of machine pitch and 4 innings of player pitch.  The rules of the game are further emphasized and umpires are introduced at this level.  Scores and records are not kept as the primary emphasis here is on skills development and learning how to play the game. There will be at least two practices a week during the pre-season and a practice and 2 games a week during the season. 

All players must attend the skills evaluation where they will be assessed and later drafted by coaches. There are no cuts - all players are drafted. League age 8 and 9 year old players will be eligible to tryout for the 9U summer tournament team.

Except for special circumstances, the league will not consider friend requests at this level.  Advanced league age 7 players may opt for AA.  Some 9 year olds trying out for AAA may be placed in AA at the discretion of the coaches and VP of minors. Please make sure to contact the player agent to see if this is an appropriate choice for your child. 

AAA Ball - For players League Age 9-11: This league continues with the building of fundamental skills and rules of the game. Players pitch for the entire game and umpires will call balls and strikes from behind the plate.  Competition is introduced at this point but the emphasis remains on player development. By the end of the season, a AAA player should have a full understanding (though not necessarily mastery) of the basic skills.

There will be 2-3 practices a week during the pre-season and a practice and 2 games a week during the season.  The AAA season ends with a league championship game. The AAA champion will then participate in a district wide "tournament of champions."

All players must attend the skills evaluation where they will be assessed and later drafted by coaches.  League age 9 players are eligible to try out for AAA but may be placed in AA at the discretion of the coaches and VP of minors. Friend requests will not be considered at this level.

Players from this division are eligible to tryout for All Star Teams.

Majors - For players League Age 11-12:
Games are played by the official rules of Little League Baseball. All players are eligible to be selected to the All Star Team that competes for the Little League World Series in Williamsport PA. The number of events is typically 4-5 per week. 

Eleven-year-old players not drafted by a Majors team, will be added to the AAA draft. All League Age 12 players are drafted by Majors teams. In rare circumstances, 10 year-olds may be considered for majors. Parents must petition the board for a 10 year old to be considered.

Players from this division are eligible to tryout for All Star Teams.

Teen Baseball

Little League Offers 3 Levels of baseball for teenagers. QALL has had great momentum with our teen baseball program and encourages players to continue with baseball after their 12U/Majors season. Little League Rules at these levels very closely resemble the rules of play for High School and all levels of baseball going forward.

Most neighborhoods, including QALL, will only have 1 team at these levels, which means our teams represent Queen Anne to the rest of our district. It also means a bit of local travel for games as close as Magnolia and as far as North Bothell. 
In some years, we combine Intermediates and Juniors divisions depending on interest and enrollment. It has been several years since QALL has fielded a seniors-level team, but are open to forming a team if interest demands.

Intermediates - for Players League Age 13: Intermediates baseball begins to shift toward the rules and field dimensions players will experience if they intend to play baseball in High School. Pitching is done from 50’ rather than the 45' in AAA and Majors. Similarly, the basepaths go from 60’ to 70’. Leadoffs are allowed beginning at this level and pitching is done from the stretch with runners on base. Balks are called.

Juniors - For players League Age 14: At this level field dimensions and baseball rules are consistent with high-school baseball and development is focused on preparing players for their school teams. 

Seniors - For players League Age 15-16: This division offers a full range of tournament play and a World Series.

Dual Eligibility - My child qualifies for more than one division, how do I decide?

This is the tough part of putting teams and divisions together each spring. It’s tough on the players and their families who want them to have the best opportunity and experience and it’s something that QALL puts a ton of energy into getting as right as possible each year. We do a pretty good job, but there are always a few instances each year that we just couldn’t quite work out. 

The QALL Players’ Agent has the largest role in helping coaches, families, players, and the league navigate these choices each year. You should not hesitate to contact them if you would like to ask questions or talk through decision making: [email protected].

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