Softball Details

Queen Anne Little League offers spring (February - May) softball to girls in the Queen Anne community. (See residential eligibility below)  

Below is a official Little League 'age calculator', details on all of our divisions and information on eligibility.

Softball League Age:
 The age of the player on January 1st for the year/season being considered.  In general, league age is one factor along with grade, and skill that will be utilized to determine in which division a player plays.  League Age Calculator  

Softball Rookie
(league ages 5-7, New 2020) – Designed for players who have at least one year of tee ball experience.  This is the first opportunity to hit a pitched safety (squishy) softball from a coach, and the division focuses on fundamentals.  Teams will meet once or twice a week for practices/games.

Softball A  (league ages 7-8) – Based on prior tee ball, softball, or baseball experience, some league age 6 year olds may play.  This division focuses primarily on skill development within a structured game play setting with modified rules. This division is coach pitch or machine pitch. Teams typically meet twice per week for practices/games.

Softball AA  (league ages 8-9) – This division fills the developmental, skill and competitive gap between A and AAA, and at this level players will pitch a portion of every game. League age nine players may be eligible to be selected for an All-Star Team. Teams typically meet twice per week for practices/games.

Softball AAA (league ages 9 -11, formerly Minors) – AAA continues the skill development of the lower divisions, but transitions to truly competitive games and players pitch the entire game. Games are played using the official rules of Little League Softball and teams compete in city-wide end of season playoffs.  Players who are at least league age nine are eligible to be selected to an All-Star Team. Teams meet two to three times per week.

Softball Majors (league ages 10-12) – Majors encourages a higher level of skill to achieve more competitive levels. Games are played using the official rules of Little League Softball. All players are eligible to be selected to the All Star Team that competes for the Little League World Series. Players may be asked to attend a skill evaluation to be considered for this division. Teams typically meet three times per week.

Softball Juniors (league ages 13-14) – Competitive games. May include double headers on weekends & games expect to be all or mostly inter-league with travel to all away games. Players are eligible to be considered for All-Stars that may compete for the Junior League World Series.  Teams typically meet three times per week.  


Residential eligibility

Little League International has strict rules about players' eligibility to play in a particular local league - you must reside or your child must attend a school within a league's boundaries, as defined by Little League, in order for your child to play in that league.

In order to play in Queen Anne Little League, a player must currently reside on Queen Anne, as bounded by 15th Avenue West on the west, the Ship Canal to the north, the western shore of Lake Union and Westlake Avenue to Stewart Street on the east, and the shore of Elliot Bay and Stewart Street to the south.  Alternatively, if your child attends Queen Anne Elementary, Coe Elementary, John Hay Elementary, St. Annes,  Seattle Country Day or another school that sits within the boundaries listed above your child is eligible to play for Queen Anne Little League. (Boundary map)

Under certain circumstances, players whose families have moved off of Queen Anne may be eligible to get a waiver to allow them to continue playing in QALL. To be eligible fo the waiver, you must have lived within QALL boundaries at the time your child first played in QALL. In order to get the waiver, you must present to league and district administrators sufficient proof of your current and last Queen Anne residence. For more information about what kind of residential proofs are required, please contact a league official with your particular circumstances for assistance. Once a child has a waiver on file with QALL and our District Administrator, he or she will be eligible to play in QALL as long as he or she does so continuously, year-to-year, and that player's younger siblings will also be eligible for a waiver to play in QALL.

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