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Hi Rob! Can you tell us about your business? What do you do and where are you located?
I am a 9/11 transplant. I ran a design firm 20 blocks from the Twin Towers. I couldn’t get in touch with my family until 10pm that night, which was very stressful. Our family decided to move shortly after that, and we chose Seattle because it was a growing city with beautiful outdoor space. I opened my business and limited it specifically to Queen Anne, by design, so I could walk to pick up my kids from school. The business is focused on design and construction, and my practice is still limited to Queen Anne and Magnolia. It feels great to walk down the street and see people whose house I’ve remodeled, or I’ve remodeled their neighbor’s house. I’m at a point where I’m now remodeling the houses of children whose parents were my customers years ago. My business runs on positive word of mouth and I love that.

How long have you sponsored QALL teams?
About 13 years. I sponsor an AA-level Baseball team.

What made you want to begin sponsoring?
I had a great experience as a Little Leaguer in New York. I grew up in a very diverse neighborhood, and Little League brought everyone together. Different groups of kids getting together and sharing a common experience is so important.

Did you play any sports growing up or now?
In addition to Little League, where I played outfield, I played football and basketball from third grade through high school. I love the teamwork aspect of youth sports, which is a broader component of community.

What are your favorite professional sports teams?
I grew up a NY Jets fan and loved Joe Namath. As a Jets fan, I’ve suffered ever since! I love the Seahawks. I am also a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors. I think they are the most well-coached team and their synchrony as a team is amazing.

Any favorite Seattle sports players, past or present?
I love Bobby Wagner. He is an all-around, 365 days a year competitor. As the saying goes, “anyone can hit a home run some of the time, but not everyone can consistently get base hits.” Bobby Wagner is that guy.

What do you love about being part of the Queen Anne community?
Everyone knows everyone here, and community is everything. Queen Anne is a great spot juxtaposed to big city and has a fantastic outdoors space. It is basically a magical hilltop island that lets people connect around their different experiences and passions.

You can reach Rob DeGaetano and learn more about his services at [email protected] or at

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